Keep your valuables secure in a safe.

It’s a simple – if you have items important to you and don’t want to lose them, then safes are the place to keep them. With a wide variety of styles and security features, our safe experts will help you find the perfect safe to fit your needs.

We have the largest selection of Gardall safes on the Oregon coast.

  • Gun Safes
  • Concealed Safes
  • Media and Jewelry Safes
  • Document Safes

Keep your collection of firearms secure and safe from fire damage in a firelined gun safe.

Gardall gun safes are fire tested at 1200 deg. F

Gun Safes in our Newport showroom

Wall and floor safes are secure and hard to spot

Gardall SL6000/F Heavy Duty Concealed Wall Safe

Tube floor safe

Wall and floor safes are secure and hard to spot, add another level of protection by keeping your valuables concealed in a wall or floor safe.

Also, there are few things are as solid and secure as your foundation, and a floor safe can be built directly into it! Would-be thieves wouldn’t be able to remove it or try to cut through the side – the only way in is the combination!

Protect your jewelry or magnetic media from damage in a safe specifically designed for their needs.

Gardall Jewelry SafeMedia Safe

Secure necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, watches, and more in 10 drawers inside a beautifully finished electronic safe, with motioned sensored LED lighting.

The loss of personal data can be costly or even devastating, and most fire safes will not protect electronic data. Gardall Media Safes are designed and tested to protect computer backups, DVDs & CDs, and video tapes. Media safes have 3 way bolt work, and use an electronic lock with a key operated day lock.

Can your business survive record losses from a fire?

Statistics show that if a business’ records are lost to a fire, 17% can no longer produce a financial statement, 14% suffer a reduction in credit rating, and 42% go out of business completely.

No home or business is safe from fire. Your  possessions and vital documents are only as secure as the quality of protection your provide for them. With fire resistive safes from Gardall Mfg. you can rely on the survival of your records.

Safe services

Our safe technicians can provide all levels of service for your safe.

Lost the combination? We can get your safe open, make your valuables secure again, and show you how to open the safe yourself.

Concerned that your combination is in the wrong hands? We have the tools and knowledge to change the combination for you.

Problems getting that safe open? We can troubleshoot and repair problems with the locking mechanism on your key, dial, or electronic safe.